I have always been very interested in the natural world and this is reflected in my work now.
I studied botany at university and then went on to teach Biology, first in America, and then in this country. I developed a passion for textiles and started to weave following an inspiring course at the Dove Workshops in Somerset and am still weaving 25 years on.
I feel that an artist should be intimately involved with her craft, a weaver should spin and dye their yarns, as well as weave the end product. I spin and use natural dyes for my work wherever possible and always work with natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen or wool.
My design influences include Persian colours and style, as used by William de Morgan, and stylised pattern style used by William Morris and other members of the Arts & Crafts Movement in their textiles. Most of my weavings are miniatures, about 15-20cm square and easily fit into modern surroundings in the home.